Sequor is summarily about business development, strategic management and performance enhancement, project management, focusing on the business and management issues which are essential to business growth and direction, issues particularity concerned with leadership and people management.
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Organisational Development is a discipline aimed at improving the effectiveness of an organisation and its members by means of systematically planned sequence of interventions.

• Sequor zeroes in on the things that are important to your organisation by helping you think through and articulate your desired outcomes.

• Sequor custom crafts training, workshops, conferences, or retreat designs that ensure that the process gets you where you want to go in a direct, creative and uplifting manner.

• Sequor invites the paradigm shifts that enable groups to leverage their own wisdom in new and ever more productive ways.

Successful companies get improved results by changing the actions and activities of their organizations. The second challenge is implementing them.
By using a proven front-end analysis tool, Sequor consultants help identify those areas that need to be further changed, streamlined, or enabled to achieve a leader’s vision. It begins with one fundamental question – “What results are missing?” From that simple question, Sequor utilizes a structured process that combines observations, interviews, and experience to develop a results-oriented action plan for positive change.


Sequor’s Strategic wellness management programmes have a very positive impact on staff recruitment, retention, morale and productivity. When an employer partners with employees to share the responsibility of affordable health care costs, because it is everyone’s problem, and a culture of health and wellness is developed within a company. The value of investing in a strategic, well constructed wellness programme has been proven in small, medium and large companies.

Focus areas include:

  • Assess effectiveness of wellness programme,
  • Corporate wellness strategy,
  • Wellness events/ fairs,
  • Wellness coaching (group and individual),
  • Complementary health options (nutrition management, menopause, depression),
  • Health screenings and health risk assessments with meaningful incentives

The Sequor Business Development Centre provides professional business consulting, training, and research in the area of business management and finance. The Sequor Business Development Centre focuses on job creation through the provision of professional assistance primarily to business start-ups and expansions.

Business Development:
  • Business process analysis, audits and evaluation.
  • Financial modelling.
  • Project teams, which comprise a combination of functional skills and a wide range of expertise.
  • Managing processes, with an ability to lead the team in a diverse environment, across business operations, working within a complex environments.
  • Data gathering, data analysis and solution development.
  • Effective management of resources and people.
  • Devise engagement plans, setting out timeframes methodologies, allocation of resources, and listing key milestones and breakpoints.


The management audits and reports conducted by Sequor consultants involve looking closely at a private and public sector organizations or departments and carefully analyzing the functioning of that operation in order to produce a final report.
To produce an effectiveness report and strategic recommendations, the Sequor consulting team will meet with and/or survey various stakeholders of that department or organization to better understand the department and the stakeholders' perceptions. These individuals or groups might include:
  • Executives
  • Elected and Appointed Officials
  • Leaders
  • Employees and Customers
  • Advisory Board Members
  • Peer Organisation