The global economy has intensified competition for resources, increased the demand for improved performance and is pressing firms to become agile, more flexible, more results-focused, and faster-acting. Sequor, as an organization, is committed to enhancing existing organizational competencies, in addition to developing and sustaining new client capabilities.

The name SEQUOR is a Latin word meaning ‘to follow through’, a philosophy which transcends Sequor’s entire service offering. Sequor’s strategic intent is to position itself as the preferred consultancy services and business partner to its current and prospective client base. Our ‘follow through’ strategy is enhanced by the company’s ability to deliver holistic consultancy solutions.

Sequor consulting offers a unique combination of
effective management consulting and value-driven business solutions that blend industry expertise with integrated capabilities.


Sequor is about the integration of excellence into the strategy of an organisation through an understanding of key business process.

We therefore conduct studies of important business process, which, when implemented, can lead the organisation to exceptional performance.

Our approach is about supporting the use of proven best of breed strategic tools to facilitate process improvement and the achievement of superior customer satisfaction.

For Sequor, there must always be the identification of improvement opportunities for the organization, including people development. We are here to facilitate your organisation’s Strategic Growth Processes.

Sequor is committed to community development, and encourages projects that encourage the uplifting of disadvantaged communities.